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best accounting firms for startups

And even though the highest ratings came from more recent graduates, accounting firm partners also gave relatively high ratings, suggesting that firm management recognizes the importance of this issue as well. While opting to hire a small business accountant will cost you money, it can Navigating Financial Growth: Leveraging Bookkeeping and Accounting Services for Startups also save you a lot in the long run. Unless you are a CPA who is up to date on tax laws, you’re likely missing out on deductions and other small biz benefits. And once your business starts growing, you likely won’t have the time or knowledge to accurately keep track of all your books.

Finance as a Service (FaaS)

To make it easier for you, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best online accounting services for small businesses in 2023. Each of these firms offers unique services, specialties and qualifications that make them great options for small businesses. Read on to discover the perfect accounting firm for your small business. I run Kruze Consulting, one of the top accounting firms that works exclusively with startups. We know what high-growth founders need from their books, taxes, financial projections and accounting team.

How do online accounting firms work?

From there, once I landed on the dashboard, I received a checklist of items to complete account setup and customization. I could also access a continually updating list of shortcuts to tools I most use in the platform. You can purchase tax and bookkeeping assistance for an added one-time or monthly fee, respectively.

Fusion Accountants

Some are better for sole proprietors, freelancers, and companies with only one or two employees. Below are the eight best small business accounting software applications, with explanations about what makes them different. If you are a small business owner, you know the last three years have been brutal. You survived the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic only to be slammed with crippling supply chain issues. You’ve had to focus more closely than ever on money coming in and going out. Small business accounting software can help you make smarter and better-informed plans for an uncertain future by organizing and automating your daily financial tasks.

best accounting firms for startups

Employee Stock Options – VC Negotiation Model

Source documents and data can be uploaded to cloud storage where they can be accessed from any remote location. The next step is to work with your account manager to integrate your existing software and processes with QuickBooks. From that point on, you will receive monthly reports, including cash flow, profit and loss, and balance sheet statements. For an additional fee, Bench offers catch-up bookkeeping if you’re behind on your financials. It also offers limited support for business taxes by preparing a year-end financial package for your CPA.

Startup CEOs and founders don’t have time to proof their books, nor should they have to. We are familiar with early-stage companies’ business models, we understand the complexities (and importance) of issues like revenue recognition, ARR, capitalized vs. non-capitalized development costs and, more. Startups need more than a robot to reconcile the accounts, they need a trusted advisor who is in tune with their unique growth path. Available to answer questions, available to update numbers as new data is produced, available to set up the right systems for a high growth company. This is when you take your financial model or projections and compare them every month to your actual results. For example, you compare your accounting numbers versus your projection numbers.

best accounting firms for startups

Ignite Spot Accounting: Best reporting

  • With Kruze on your side, your team will have the numbers – and advice – you need to survive due diligence with your valuation intact.
  • If you’re ahead of the curve and using a paperless office, just save a record of the payment to their file.
  • They also like that it has lots of reporting features and easy data backup capabilities.
  • QuickBooks Online is easy enough for an inexperienced bookkeeper to learn but feature-rich enough that a more demanding user can tap its advanced accounting tools.
  • So, whether you do the bookkeeping on your own, hire a bookkeeper or accountant, or outsource those tasks completely, remember that the better your business is managed from day one, the more likely it is to succeed.
  • While the use of the company’s proprietary software can work well for newly established businesses, it can be difficult to switch from this system over to another accounting software such as QuickBooks or Xero.

Intuit QuickBooks has a 4.3-star rating and a 4.4-star rating on Capterra and G2, respectively, with over 6,700 reviews on the two platforms. Users say the software is comprehensive in its accounting features and easy to use. However, they say that solving an issue can be time-consuming and frustrating.

  • What they usually aren’t is an experienced bookkeeper or accountant.
  • To make it easier for you, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best online accounting services for small businesses in 2023.
  • OneUp earns a 3.7 out of five-star rating on Capterra with six user reviews and 4.1 stars on G2 with 20 reviews.
  • From managing payroll and taxes to bookkeeping and financial planning, there are a lot of administrative tasks that can take your focus away from growing your business.
  • Startup accounting is an incredibly valuable, but tedious, aspect of running a startup.


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